Here at my school we have something called Operation Day’s work. In the old days before the world agreed on creating a list of organizations labeled as terrorists, it was possible for everyone to collect money and send them to every country in the world without any possible police investigation.

Operation Day’s work supported the communist movements in central America. Of course not by buying arms to them but they raised money to create schools for the local population where they could be brainwashed as part of the education to support whatever leader who ruled the area.

How does it work? High schools students take a day of and volunteer in various firms as they were employed. The salery they get is turned over to the organization and then no questions are asked. The high school students can feel good about themselves or can they?

This year they will see to that children in the country once known as Rhodesia will get materials to support their education. In some way it is morale support to Mugabe who was their hero back in the 1980’s. Most people don’t see him as a nice guy today where he had time to show the world how a elected president in a African country works.

I have to say in defense of the High schools students in Denmark that this so-called charity is not supported very much. In fact there is something wrong with doing voluntary work in a country where the social area is supported by high taxes. When you pay tax you free yourself from seeing the poor, dirty and sometime ugly people. This makes Denmark the most efficient but also the most happiest country in the world because people can consentrate on earning money without worrying about people in need.

I will not participate. I will either take a day off or just insist on doing my school work. I will not accept this insult against the Danish welfare system where aid and social tasks are considered paid work done by professionals.

I hope my classmates will join me in this.