More GDPR damage – people are pulling out


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The firms who have the chance, are leaving the European Union. Facebook are moving users out of Europe. Of course they were only having the users stored in Ireland because Ireland has been demanding no taxes for foreign firms in the first place. That is the reason Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Apple have large departments in Ireland.

But the business case of having a firm inside the European Union is no longer there. GDPR destroyed my firm event before it was operational and other firms do the same.

Facebook puts 1.5bn users on a boat from Ireland to California (The Register)

So I lost my job. Some people just move theirs so jobs are kept. I is not fair if you ask me.




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It has taken me a day to consume.

The message that I have to go for job-hunting. The firm I am working for needs to downsize. They run a webshop and it has been sold to a firm outside the European Union because new rules about something called GDPR will make it to complicated to run a business to consumer webshop. So I have been laid off together with several other co-workers.

Thankfully my cousin has offered me to become a bartender while I search a job inside my normal trade. To be unemployed in Denmark is punishment like you have committed a crime. You can be ordered to work for your unemployment benefit beside normal workers who will earn full salary and right to vacation. Caseworkers have a number of export businesses where you can be sent into a “job-training” position while you are fully qualified to work there normally, but the casesworkers get something under the table and the firms get cheap labor so they can compete better abroad.

Also if you see people picking up trash along the highways in Denmark they are not necessary convicts doing community service, but people ordered to do job-traning there if they are young and needs motivation to seek jobs harder.

But my back is clear. I will work as a bartender until I can get a job in an office. Still it was a shock but that is part of the costs of Denmark being member of the European Union. It could be so good. I was looking at the retirement age of the french people employed by their train-operator. It was supposed to be a rolemodel for the entire European Union but now they seem to be forced to increase the retirement age level where most people are dead before they reach it. In Denmark the retirement age will increase so it is close to 70. That age I do not expect to reach.

Life is hard. Just hard. I cannot imagine people anyplace on the earth to have it harder than us normal citizens in Denmark.

Is the hacker group Anonymous one man?


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For more than a year a person has been locked up without trial in New York. The police claim that the hacker group Anonymous is one person: Martin Gottesfeld.

In an effort of support for a medical victim of malpractice Justina Pelletier, attacked the website of Boston Children Hospital. The police arrested him and is now holding him while they hope he gives up at some point and accept a lengthy prison term with a trial where they will have to provide evidence to the court.

Evidence which is so doubtful that it would properly not lead to a conviction.

He has been transported around various prisons to cause stress. The entire idea that the hacker group Anonymous is not a group of people but rather one person cannot be true. Yes, this person went to the same school as the founder of Facebook. But Facebook is not programmed by one person. They have many employees.

I hope that they will release him, but I have my doubts. The hospital is a large firm and has a lot of money and a lot of influence. They were able to influence the court to remove custody from caring parents in the case of Justina Pelletier which started the case. They can influence courts. They have politicians in their pockets.

I will pray for Martin Gottesfelds survival. It is needed. “Accidents” in prisons happen too often.

Stop: Read This Before You Donate To Boston Children’s Hospital Following The Boston Marathon (The Huffington Post)

Did we lose the cold war


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Now about 28 year after the wall came down, it seems that we are willing to give up the last fundamental rights in the western part of the World.

If United States gives up right for ordinary people to defend themselves, then we have nothing left that made a difference between the life people lived behind the iron curtain and the life we are supposed to live here.

In Germany you can no longer drive as fast as you like on high ways.

The right to drive as you like and the right to defend yourself was the two thing which made the differnce between life in freedom and life controlled by the government in every aspect.

Of course I feel for those who have lost families and friends in school shootings but to change rights of liberty in all aspects is perhaps too harsh a reaction to this tragedy.

Weapons should not be for everyone, but if you live in a harsh environment with bears, big cats, snakes etc. you need something to defend yourself. If you are not that big a shooter, an automatic rifle is the answer.

In this case there are also factors as adoption and mental illness. Adoptions are in general scams. It is a tough human trafficing market and there are places where you can send a child to so they can be readopted if they are not the Stepford children, you saw in a nice advertisement. Some people see their children as accessories like their jewels, cars and furniture. Children are sold and bought in the adoption process.

Maybe they can start putting a ban on weapon for those who are adopted. Risk of mental issues are just that much higher if you are adopted trapped between the legacy of your birth heritage and your adoptive heritage.

Then they are talking about putting guns in the hand of teachers. When the police arrive and see a bunch of people carrying a gun, who do they then shoot at? Why not increase the number of armed guards in school. People who will try to save lives instead of remaining outside until the criminal has no ammunition left as it was the case in Florida?

They need to do something but not to ban guns in general. Here in Denmark, we as potential victims do not carry guns. Instead we choose to life a quiet life without valuables hiding our success so we do not become victims. This is also what the Jante Law is about. It is a tool to prevent friends and family to step out as something special putting them in the spotlight and properly increase the risk all us around them to become victims for those who wants their wealth.

Is it a life in darkness where the only joy people can have is drinking beers with friends, which actually is not bad life as it is the life I live, they want – then introduce gun control and disarm the potential victims.

But then you can read in the history books that we lost the cold war.

Agnes of God case in California


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They recently broadcasted the movie Agnes of God, which is made based on real events.

Some years ago there was another case at a place which now is called River View Christian Academy (Back then they called it Julian Youth Academy but they changed the name shortly after the death baby was found).

The girls at this place in California were not nuns. They were sent there because their parents wanted them to live a secluded christian life. We all read of movie stars and musicians on drugs who get probation and luxury rehabs which lets many teenagers believe that you can live such a life without consequences.

There is a #Metoo campaign in the entertainment industry right now, which is fine. But it would also serve the general public right if the industry shut down both musicians and movie stars the first time they are caught breaking the law. Maybe all movies and all music where actors and musicians have been caught using drugs or have been caught driving and drinking should lose the copyright protection, so everyone can listen and see the work for free?

Something has to be done because places like River View Christian Academy exists all over the world. In Denmark we have seen teenagers being sent to places in Somalia where they are chained in religious boarding schools learning how our entire culture is wrong and how much better they would be received in paradise if they put a stop to our culture by blowing themselves up among people in the street or simply driving a truck killing people.

When the girls first are placed in this religious matness, then they face difficuties returning to a normal life involving partying and socializing in bars as we others do. At River View Christian Academy it seems that some of the girls remain as employees because they properly cannot get credits for the primitive schooling at this school leading to real jobs outside.

One of these girls was the mother of the baby who was found dead. The baby died of hunger only days old. Ill-equiped to handle motherhood combined with expectations of shame and punishment pushed the mother to neglect her child.

Unlike the original case where the nun was aquitted, the mother in California got life.

I cannot stop to wonder that the reason was that the mother was labeled bad in advance even before she took the first step into the court room because she was not a nun.

What do you think?

How can we communicate one persons life to millions of immigrants?


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Today the queens husband – Henrik – is being put to rest.

His legacy will be of a man who tried his best. Given that he was born in France and given a good education in both France and places in Asia, he was very qualified to handle the job as royal consort.

But education is not enough to be truly accepted as a Dane.

Many immigrants having obtained doctor degrees and long expensive education abroad find themselves working as cab drivers or shop assistants. The employers often disregard people with working experience from abroad as they cannot check up on the credentials like they can when the former employer also was in Denmark.

Then there is the Jante-law. It is Denmark’s unofficial constitution. It was written by a guy from Norway who wrote it based on what he saw and experienced when he was staying in Denmark. There has been too much negativity around the Jante-law because it is actually a positive part of being a Dane. I will call it the perhaps best part of being a Dane.

It secures our nation from people who ruthless will benefit on the cost of others. Even the police will say. If an offer is too good, then it is most likely based on a crime.

We do not like our children to aim too high.

Our government has asked the next generation to dream less and more sensible choices based on their social heritage. The country also needs nursing assistants in the retirement homes, people serving burgers at McDonald (McJob-career), people who fix things for small fees even when some of the income are paid cash without notifying the tax-departments like carpenters, masons and plumbers do. These shady jobs are also needed in our society and if you are not born into an academically home do not bother dreaming about an academic career. The government has cut in state funds for the students and the Danish government have asked the schools to cut 2 percent per year so they enroll fewer students.

I have difficulties finding a country where ordinary life is so hard as it is in Denmark. Not even after serving your country or your workplace for many years, you are allowed early retirement. In Denmark the pension age is close to 70 as the first country inside the European Union which is there retirement age all countries inside the European Union will end up with. France where the prince was born has a long road ahead of them in this area but they are bound to end up there if they want to continue to be part of the European Union.

Where is it where Henrik can teach a lesson to future immigrants?

Look at his life! He was never accepted as a truly native Dane. He has been in the country since 1967. He spoke at least 5 languages. His knowledge of art, litterature, arkitekture and music was more than above average. In every aspect of life he represented the elite.

And that is it!

Not even the best is good enough. Ordinary Danes does not aim at the elite. Ordinary Danes settle for things in life. For one reason only!

If you do not aim high, you will not risk getting disappointed!

Disappointment leads to anger or depression. Both conditions which in other countries lead to crimes. Danes want to behave themselves. They do not want to put themselves in a position where they based on anger or depression hurt people.

We know that it is the best method putting a society together.

So each and everyone who consider a life in Denmark as their future instead of whatever life they have outside, please consider!

Even if you are the best you will not succeed in life to be fully accepted. Henrik was not able to do it. How will you by any means even think that you could do better?

If you are an immigrant considering, please think about that before you come here. It is not that we do not like foreigners. But we are a small sensitive culture with none or little surplus for new things in life as the conditions for our existence are as hard as they can get.


A brighter future for Denmark but too late for my brother


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The new tax laws in Denmark has also a built-in mecanism against brain-drain. Too many Danes aquire their education here in Denmark for our money and then leave Denmark to work abroad. In my mind they do not show gratitude towards the country that provided them with the level of education that enabled them to take the job abroad.

The new laws are very clear. You have to remain in Denmark for 7 out of 8 years. Otherwise you will be considered to be an immigrant regarding social benefits!!

If you are hit by unemployment, you will only 2/3 of the money you normally would have received if you have been away from Denmark for too long.

That is really good news. Had those laws been applied back when my brother decided to go abroad in order be qualified for a certain line of work, he might have been alive today.

Ironically enough it was a former minister who suggested that young Danes took part of their education abroad meaning that my brother went to Germany to work. However in Germany they do not have the same work environment and the workers are not as likely to go out after work for a drink so they can learn each other to know which is the only decent way to socialize in our country. He became isolated and depressed. Short to say. He could no longer live, knowing that he had failed trying to become what he intended to work with for the rest of his life.

Now other families can be spared suffering the same tragedy and loss as we did. It is very happy news.

If the rest of 2018 is going to be like the start, it will be a happy year.

New tax agreement spells ends to free Danish-language classes for foreigners (The Copenhagen Post)

A hoax-book?


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I happened to read “Come Back – A Mother and Daughter’s Journey Through Hell and Back” by Claire Fontaine and Mia Fontaine.

When this book first came on the market in 2006, it seems real and provided a hope for parents who had been too busy doing personal things so they lost connection with their teenage children who might or might not had made bad choices.

The message was that there was hope by locking them up in a remote boarding school where they through use of isolation from the world would learn to love their parents or face being dumped on the street once they turn 18.

But was it real?

On Linkedin you find that the teenage part seems to have been authored by another person. So I began thinking. Was it real? Is there a real Mia out there who was abused by her father or is it once again one of those stories written to make us cry.

Some years ago there was a book named “A Rock and a Hard Place: One Boy’s Triumphant Story” allegedly written by an Anthony Godby Johnson.

He has never proven to exist.

In fact investigations proved that the real author worked together with a doctor Marc Zackheim, who is mentioned in connection with the New Horizon youth prison in indiana and Escuela Caribe in the Dominican Republic. See the documentary “Kidnapped for Christ” for more information about this organization.

So “A Rock and a Hard Place: One Boy’s Triumphant Story” was the result of imagination. Then what about the Comeback book?

Looking into the past media coverage about the Czech Republic school closed and raided by the police, I found that it happened. Various souces now make it look like it was a cover-up for some shady business involving CIA.

What I found was that the school was in fact raided. The management was charged but managed to escape the country and because the country was fresh out of the eastern block without a lot of money, they didn’t insist on trying to get the management back to stand trial, so the case against the management was dumped.

Then I looked into the other school mentioned in the book. I found that it has been closed and there is a lawsuit because a child died from suicide. There you have it again. Having experienced personal loss I have to stumble over such tragedies. I am close not to be able to bear it.

But if Mia is real, is the molestation charges against her father then real? It is just a strategy for the mother to get most out of her divorce. It would not be the first time a parent has used so-called professionals at treatment facilities to cook up some serious allogations against the other parent.

In Denmark we have the “Roum case”. A therapist who made a name out of herself, found that an entire village – 35 people – had abused some children. To make the case stick the police picked 8 people randomly and they were put in prison until other professionals began to wonder why this therapist was so good at finding cases. It was proven that the therapist had been able to place false memories at the children, so the convicted people was set free but they where broken people and they never recovered.

I don’t know what to think about the “Comeback” book. False author. Boarding schools which are raided and suicides at a place supposedly aimed at helping people. Something is wrong – very wrong about this book.

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Senseless conviction in the suicide of Conrad Roy III


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Once again I fell compelled to comment on a hard subject in relation with the conviction of Ms. Carter of her alleged role in the suicide of this Conrad dude.

I find it wrong that she was sentenced at all.

As I have stated before I did not recognize how far my brother was to take his own life and we were close.

So how should she be able to predict that he would go through with it?

This trial has been crazy from the very start. I hope that the appeal process reverse the entire outcome so she can go on with her life.

How many incidents before it is a pattern?


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I saw a press release on a message board what a family had sued Diamond Ranch Academy which is one of those private child prisons in Utah parents can send their child to if the child gets poor grades or is showing interest on the wrong gender or just wants to dress like the other gender.

According to the law suit a girl was assaulted by an employee who had been warned several times. Why just not fire the employee the very first time something out of line occur? It is asking for a law suit.

I will guess that the so-called Academy will write this of as a single incident. A single random happening which just placed them in a bad spotlight.

However I decided to Google. I found another case involving a teacher at the so-called Academy who had very undecent contents on his computer. Contents which placed him in prison for many years.

Then I found that two boys had died while they were at the so-called Academy.

One had snuck out in the showers where he hanged himself. To understand why going to school could make people do that, I can read based on testimonies from the former students that they start at the school without permission to keep a cell-phone or having social media access to all their friends back home. This social isolation can bring anyone to the edge. I know due to very sad things which happened to my family which you can read in this blog. That parents can allow this, should make local social services back home intervene and remove the child and siblings from the parents control. Social isolation in a strange place out of town is a totally no-no unless court ordered.

Another died due to illness. I learned that the so-called Academy used to be located more remotely than today. I also learned that the employees where slow to react to illness because they often experience that it could be manipulation. However it only take one bad judgment before a family gets a corpse home instead of a son. If placed in that situation I as an employee would never take that risk. Just imagine having to tell the parents that their son had passed away. Then you can as many local coroners on your salarylist trying to find an excuse. Still just having to pass this message. It is not fun.

Now we have 4 single incidents about this Diamond Ranch Academy. Is it a pattern showing an evil operation? What do you say?

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