My thoughts of the suicide of Conrad Roy III


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In my last post I wrote about not ever mentioning the suicide of my brother again and yet I will write about it in this blog entry due to the suicide of Conrad Roy III.

Apparently the court found his friend Michelle Carter guilty of having pushed him over the edge.

I have to say that the mother of Conrad Roy III properly miss her son just as much as I miss my brother. My brother will properly be in my memory forever. Do I blame someone for his death? Yes. I blame the Danish government for having forced him to work in a foreign country in what basically turned out to be isolation.

But I am also realistic. I cannot take the government to court because it is runned by people who came directly from a school to politics. They are supposed to know how their legislations affects people and in the case of my brother directly hurt people. The voters want it to be so. I am one of them. I pay a lot in taxes. I do that so I do not have to use my time volunteering in a soup kitchen or otherwise concern myself with illness or hardship. I am not in a line of business where I work with human welfare in any form and have decided not concern myself with that as result of my careerchoice.

I have to say that it was somewhat tiresome talking to my brother during his last months. I don’t know how many times I said to him: “Give up” “Come back home and live some time on welfare. I am paying taxes so you should be allowed that”. Why shouldn’t he? We pay a lot of so-called refugees for stealing jobs from Danes when they are hired by employers all over Denmark kicking ordinary paid Danes out of their job, so the refugees can be integrated by working for no pay at all. The employers are happy because they save money for salary and can kick expensive workers out. I would have no problems seeing my brother on welfare because there is not work for everyone. Especially when we invite everyone who claims to have seen suffering in a country far away to live here.

But my brother was proud. He could not bear to return to Denmark unemployed and having uncompleted his time down there. I was so tired back then.

I guess that Michelle Carter was tired of having been phone by Conrad Roy III too. She is not a trained professional. She was not prepared to listen to all his complaints and it was far from first time that he contacted her tired of his life. Well. It was the first ruling of its kind. None were fully sure how the court system wants people to react when people trying to kill themselves phone them.

I guess what the court just told the world to do it so switch phonenumber and unfriend people thinking of suicide on social networks. There is no right advice to give people in that situation and we are taxpayers not doctors. I think that the ruling is wrong. The girl should not be given the level of responsability because she is not trained. The media provide of with so-called news of tons of suffering from all over the world. I makes me numb of hearing people complain. I do not care about wars, hunger and illness because I pay my taxes so others can choose to make a living of helping others.

As for the relatives of Conrad Roy III, I have to say. Move on! People kill themselves all the time. I would have loved to drag my brother back to Denmark so he could have gotten some ECT and collect money from state instead of continuing to sit isolated down in Germany and in the end die but it would not have worked. Some people just die. We live and we must continue to live enjoying what is left before our employer kicks us out so our job-position can be taken over by someone working for free.

The last part about my job-future made me sad. Now I really need a beer.

The terrible scar which will never go away


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I visited my parents. They have not been able to move on from my brothers death. I cannot blame them. Losing one of your children before you die is properly the worst thing which can happen to any parent.

I have to say that I also feel the loss. It is like a scar which will not go away. It is something which I have to carry for myself forever. And it doesn’t help talking about it. It cannot change anything. It is just like this.

So I have decided to take it like a Danish man and move on. This post is the end of the topic. My brother died because he was forced to live outside our culture and I urge any young Dane not to spend time abroad if possible. You cannot integrate yourself in another country just like people cannot be integrated succesfully in Denmark. Our family learned it the hard way. Learn from our experiences and do not repeat our mistake.

Terrible boating accident in Copenhagen yesterday


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I have not been active on this blog 2017. I have been busy doing a new job where I travel to Copenhagen for meetings with the main office. I takes long time due to the heavy traffic on the roads to Copenhagen and public transport in Denmark is simply too expensive and of too poor quality to use as an alternative to the car.

When I switched on my Television last night I learned of a terrible boating accident which now have claimed the lives of two people from the United States.

When I learned where it had taken place I recognized it as just next to the office. When I had breaks during my visits to the office, I often went down to the harbor. I have often wondered why it was allowed to rent out boats just there where the busy harbor ferries passes by. Also we have to remember that there is a lot of construction going down in south part of the harbor and they need to pass this place to deliver goods.

It was a tragedy waiting to happen. It is sad that two people from the United States had to die before anyone can think of ordering the business owners renting out boats to tourist to demand that those who rent boat have to sit down an entire day and learn about the traffic rules on open water because it doesn’t matter if you rent a boat in the Copenhagen harbor or you decide to cross the Atlantic ocean. You have to learn how the international rules on water works!

These small boats cannot be seen before you are almost too close when you enter the area in a harbor ferry. Now 8 people will have to use time of the criminal case. Maybe it will end just as it did when a woman from Australia didn’t observe a full stop in Jutland and 3 children died when they were hit by a car going + 50 kilometers over the speed limit. The danish driver was fined DKK 10,000 and had to retake his drivers license.

It is a lot of money our legal system will have to use on this case and it could have been avoided if the businesses renting out various boat in the inner Copenhagen harbor had to obey stricter rules ordering them to educatate their customers before putting the customers into dangerous situations.

Looking back at 2016


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2016 was a kind of “Getting over 2015” year.

We all cope with loss as we best do. The medication I would working was exercise. Grief is not something you can talk you way out of. You have to give it time. You have to decide what to remain bitter about and what to let go.

There was certainly a lot of things I could have done differently regarding getting my brother home before it was too late.

But I didn’t and I cannot remain sorry about things undone.

I can remain bitter about the conditions which forced him to make this terrible decision to move which resulted in his death. That is where I have put my energy. To warn other against making the same kind of decision.

2017 can be a challenge also. I have to find a new line of work. The printing industry will never recover. It is an industry kicked out by politicians who want to make secret deals with IT-companies so there are room for kickbacks to everyone.

Instead of 15,000 people in the printing industry have jobs with decent salaries, 1,000 people in the IT-industry on friendly terms with the politicians get high salaries. How that can benefit our society I cannot figure out.

2017 – here I come. I am not sure what to expect but quiet it is certainly not going to be.

Danes should say no to the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)


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I am happy that the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement seems to fail due to the effort of the brave people in a long forgotten part of Belgium. Normally I regard this part of Belgium as hill-billies speaking a strange language compared to the more important part of Belgium in the north.

But I have to praise them for their courage voting no to the agreement.

In fact I believe that the Danish parliament should have voted no.

Because the agreement was accepted by the Danish government without asking for something instead. That something should be that Canada once and for all forget any idea of owning the Danish island Hans Island.

Right now our military forces are too busy bombing ISIS but I really feel that we should order a general mobilization and send a larger force to the island defending Danish interests and whipped the Canadian forces right back home where they belong.

Please continue to vote no to the trade agreement until the island is Denmarks entirely unquestioned.

Sad time for a humanitarian


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Martin Gottesfeld is the subject of a court case where he is believed to be the entire Anonymous network of hackers. Boston Children’s Hospital who basically jailed a poor girl because the doctors at the hospital disagreed with the diagnose the girl’s doctors had given her.

At some point during the case with the girl the website of the hospital was compromised. While the girl was able to return home to her family and continue her treatment for her original illness, the police began looking for Martin Gottesfeld. He was arrested and has now started a hunger strike.

This case should get a lot more attention. We as ordinary people should be able to seek treatment without risking being labeled with illnesses, we dont suffer from.

Thanks to the effort of many people – including Martin Gottesfeld – the girl was freed.

They should release him right now.

But money talks and I fear that he will become victim for the money people behind the Boston Children’s Hospital.

We need to put faces on these people. We need to bring them out in the public so people will know that they have invested money in a firm which doesn’t care about ordinary people.

For more info, please visit the FreeMartyG campaign.

The divided Denmark – car burning and social unrest


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Many people wake these mornings finding their cars burning. Groups of people put the cars on fire. The police have arrested one man but I doubt it would fix the problem.

Burning cars are quite normal in Sweden. It is not known outside Sweden because they believe that their public image will be destroyed if they target the groups who commit the crimes. So people in Sweden just have to endure. I believed that the borders between Denmark and Sweden was closed due to the immigration crisis bothering many people who just want to go to work. Just as the Palestinian people they have to wait for a long time to enter Israel to work, the same goes for people who happens to work on the other side of the border.

It is not the first time people in Copenhagen had to live with fires. Normally it is the dumpsters which are targeted and sometime the fires cannot be contained and then a car or a house is destroyed. The police have arrested many people over the years but we are talking of youth gangs who are divided between cultures and if you want to be a Dane you have to work hard to become it.

I have met many immigrants and they know that they have a special obligation to fit in and not become a part of the few people who destroy it for the others. Danes are not open. If a man with more than 10 generations moves from Copenhagen to the western part of Denmark, maybe his grandchildren would be regarded as locals. That is the time you have to grant Danes to accept you as one their own. Once they do, they are properly the best friends you can get.

Many Danes deselect ownership of a car. Beside the problems with car-burnings also private parking firms see to that you as a car-owner easy would see yourself just as targeted as people being victimized like they were tormented by ISIS. How such firms can be legal is beyond my imagination. Their employees are the lowest you can get. They might be regarded as low as the people who turned on the showers for the Jews during the Second World War.

Even public parking prizes should scare most people away. In parts of Copenhagen like Ørestad and Nordhavnen you have to pay DKK 12,000 per year for a parking space for a car. That is insane.

Maybe it is why some people bear anger toward those with car-ownership. Because it seems unmanageable to own one with all these parking rules and mandatory audit of its safety every second year after the European Union required it. I don’t know. I am happy I am not living in Copenhagen but in the countryside where cars are accepted. If only the central government over in Copenhagen hadn’t introduced the low speed limits here in Jutland. They were only made so it could take longer to pass across Sealand letting it look big.

But it is difficult to demand an independent Jutland. Maybe it will come one day. I would welcome it so we could drive properly again.


479. Boston Children’s Hospital — 1000 places You don’t want to be as a teenager


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I was alarmed to hear that the aftermath of this case also has resulted in the Witch hunt on an alleged hacker. The really strange thing is that he didn’t commit the crime but communicated the wish to the well-known hacker group Anonymous who did the crime.

It is against every Danish court tradition. The Valus case clearly stated that a hacker can create dangerous code and publish it open in a newspaper legally as long the hacker doesn’t use the code. In the Valus case the readers who clicked on a link published openly were convicted while the person who programmed the code was cleared.

Of course this is the United States. The hacker has no money and in the American court system that matters. So I urge people to support the humanitarian and activist Martin Gottesfeld. Read more on

Today Boston Children’s Hospital is mostly known outside the United States for the Justina Pelletier. The teenage girl was treated and diagnosed by the Tufts Medical Center when she was admitted to the hospital during a vacation. Here the hospital out of the blue suddenly second-guessed the diagnose the medical center had found. When her […]

via 479. Boston Children’s Hospital — 1000 places You don’t want to be as a teenager

The divided Denmark – Is it safe to drive through Denmark


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Denmark consist of 5 major cities, some cities where people live and commute to the 5 cities and then a wasteland Danes know as “The Rotten Banana”.

  • In the Rotten Banana roads are converted to dirt roads to save maintenance.
  • In the Rotten Banana houses are torn down because they do not want low-income families to escape the slave labor system known as job-training our policians have invented to support local businesses. Several employees are simply not paid full salary but have to work for their unemployment benefits believing that they might qualify for a real job once day. Often it is not the case. The people are simply replaced with new people who take over their job-training position and they are sent to a new place as job-training.
  • If you are born out there, 9 years of schooling is common. If you are very lucky you can get a high school degree but then it is over. The universities are located in the big towns where cheap apartments are impossible to get.

People become frustrated because they are not given a card deck to life which provided them with any possibilities.

So now they are throwing bricks down on drivers on our high ways if they believe that the car looks expensive enough so the driver appear loaded with money. A german woman died just last week and it is far from the first incident. Such a crime is never acceptable but until the police catch the people responsible all what matters is to avoid being a victim.

It is simply not safe to drive on our high ways. If you are a tourist, please avoid Denmark.